Sand Creek Ghosts

Sand Creek Ghosts.  The day was November 29, 1864 and was the most horrible in Colorado history for the Native Americans of the state.

I have set up a page about the Sand Creek Massacre in the Native Americans section of this website.

This bloody murder of harmless Native Americans by the U.S. Military, led by an insane man named Chivington, would produce restless spirits in and around Sand Creek.

Not long after the massacre, some buffalo hunters were camped at Sand Creek.

Early in the morning, they awoke to see a Cheyenne camp nearby.  The hunters went for their rifles, but noticed that there wasn't any sound or movement, just the Indians standing next to their teepees.

Many hunters, trappers and travelers have seen this apparition.  Some went right to Ft. Lyons, the nearest outpost, and reported that hundreds of Indians were camped at Sand Creek.

Scouts were sent out but there was no trace of the Cheyenne camp.

Others who have seen the "ghost camp" watched in fascination as, eventually, the apparition disappeared, leaving only wide open spaces.

Many more people have heard voices, chanting, rising and falling, then stopping as quickly as they started.

Dogs barking and children shouting were heard at Sand Creek, but no one was there.

Visitors to Sand Creek that have not seen or heard anything, had an overwhelming sense of dread, cold chills, and the feeling that they were being watched.

At the Sand Creek National Monument, you can feel the weight of hundreds of souls that were lost and being overcome with a deep sense of sadness and loss.

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