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Did you know that millions of years ago the region was tropical?

Why did a race of people living in the territory suddenly disappear?

Did Zebulon Pike really discover Pikes Peak?

These are just a few subjects that are covered in the colorful history of the state of Colorado.

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Colorado Outdoors

Colorado outdoors gives you a look at the many places of interest in various sections of the state. You may be surprised at what you find.

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Old West Colorado

Your journey to old west Colorado begins hundreds of years ago with the first inhabitants of the area, explorers, pioneers, outlaws,the gold rush and much more.

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Colorado Mountain Lion

The Colorado mountain lion can be found almost anywhere in the state. Depending on the region,of the U.S., the mountain lion has different names such as puma, panther, or cougar.

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Colorado Coyote

The Colorado Coyote is abundantly found in the state. Their song is very distinct and can be heard all through the night.

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Colorado National Monuments

The Colorado National Monuments encompasses the discovery of fossils, beautiful rock formations and Native American ruins.

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Haunted Colorado

Haunted Colorado, ghostly sightings and things that go bump in the night . Legends and folklore have imbedded these ghost stories into Colorado history.

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Colorado Wildfires

When you think of Colorado wildfires you normally envision forests. Wildfires effect towns and people also.

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Caroline Churchill

As an advocate for women's rights in the west, Caroline Churchill became the first feminist in the new territory.

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Colorado Mule Deer

You can find the Colorado mule deer almost everywhere in the Rocky Mountains. The ears are their most distinguishing feature.

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Colorado Elk

The haunting bugling of bull Colorado elk during mating season is a sound you won't soon forget.

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