Old Courthouse Jail

The old courthouse jail was established in Florissant, Colorado in the mid 1800's. From what I have been told in my research, there was a gallows out back and a few people were hanged during the period.

Swift justice back then.  A trial was held, jury deliberated, verdict found, and if the crime was horrendous, the guilty party was held in the jail until sunrise, then taken to the gallows and hanged.

The old courthouse jail was abandoned when the County Courthouse was built in Teller County.

The building was turned into a restaurant in the late 1980's, and as promised earlier, the scene of my experience in a haunted place.

In the early 2000's, I interviewed for a job at the converted old courthouse jail as a waitress.

The present owners informed me that the building was haunted and did I have a problem with that.

I have an open mind and believe in ghosts, spirits, another plane of existence, etc. so I said no problem.

The owner told me his experience with the spirits.  He was living in the apartment below the restaurant and came upstairs to get a snack from the frig.  The whole place was dark.

It was Christmas Eve and he felt something strange.  He walked up front to the main room and saw ghostly outlines of three people, two men and one woman, in period dress.

One man and the woman were dancing and the other was watching.  The owner turned around and raced back downstairs and would never stay in the restaurant after dark alone.

For a few months I didn't experience anything out of the ordinary.  However, one part of the restaurant, a room in the back
was always colder than the rest, even in summer.

So around Halloween, we were decorating the main room.  I was left there to finish cleaning and lock up.

I was sitting and rolling silverware when I felt a distinctive pinch on my bottom.  Don't laugh, I'm serious!  No one was there, of course.

Out loud I said, "Ok knock that off."  I didn't get pinched again, but other things happened.

After the pinching episode, I began feeling a presence just about everywhere in the building. When I was alone in the restaurant, I would talk to the spirits, just like talking to anyone human.

I found out that these ghosts became "frisky" around the holidays, just like the rest of us. 

There were many decorations on the walls and ledges around the restaurant for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Every time I would lock up and get ready to leave at night I would tell the spirits "Good night guys" and every night one of the motion activated decorations way in the back of the room would go off.

Same thing for when I would come in first thing in the morning.  I'd walk in, say "Good morning gang" and either the decoration in the back would go off or one of the animated ones would go off up front.  Those had to be turned on, by the way.

These spirits were good "people" because I never had a bad experience with them.

They even came to my rescue when I was injured.  It was during the summer and I had been stacking biscuits in the cooler, when I reached up to the top shelf and almost cut my finger off on the cooler fan.  It didn't have a cover.

I was bleeding profusely, ran to the sink and kept cold water on my finger to stop the bleeding, but it wouldn't stop.

I was starting to get sick and feeling dizzy.  I was slumping on the sink when I felt a presence on each side of me pushing against me to hold me up. No one was there, except my friend spirits, I'm sure.

I called to the other waitress, who was out front cleaning, and she ran back and bandaged me up.  I went to the hospital, got stitches and a brace and recovered.

The next day, the owner asked me how I was doing, told him what happened (he immediately installed a cover for the fan), including my experience with the spirits.

He told me that they must like me, cos there were other employees who had been stealing from the restaurant before I came and the spirits weren't happy with them.

These employees were caught and they told of knives being thrown at them, large pots and pans falling on their heads, etc. as they were pilfering the food and drink of the establishment.

I worked at the old courthouse jail/restaurant for almost four years.  The restaurant closed down and we all moved on.

I wonder if my "friends" did also.

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