The McIntyre House

One of the most often told ghost stories of the area revolve around the McIntyre House in now Douglas County, Colorado.

At the time, in 1871, the McIntyre family moved to a small settlement named Coyote Gulch and built their home.

It wasn't long until other residents talked of suspicious goings on at the McIntyre place and people avoided their spread like the plague.

Mr. McIntyre was known to have a nasty personality but he was not as bad as his two sons, Jim and Jack.

The boys terrorized the citizenry by stealing from their neighbors and rustling cattle. 

Neither the boys or their father had any ambition to do anything on their own so their neighbors became their source of "employment".

As all the people of Coyote Gulch knew to stay away from the McIntyres, a visitor in 1875, who was traveling by stage from Denver to Pueblo, did not.

The stage stopped at the 20 Mile House for a rest and when it continued on its journey, the visitor from Denver was left behind.

Extremely frustrated, the man decided to walk from the stage stop to the next stop on the route, 10 miles away in a settlement called Russellville.

While the man was walking, a heavy thunderstorm broke and the poor fellow ran into Coyote Gulch looking for shelter.

Unfortunately for him, he ran right to the McIntyre House.  He had never heard about the family and therefore, wasn't alarmed when old man McIntyre opened the door, took a look at his visitor, and had a great idea.

The family welcomed the traveler with open arms, fed him, gave him a place to sleep and after accompanying him upstairs to his bedroom, left him a good night.

He was never to see the light of day.

Then the McIntyres went back downstairs to plan their attack. It isn't known who came up with the idea of murder or who would carry it out.

Sometime after midnight, the McIntyre boys climbed in through the upstairs window, with a knife in hand.

Up until now, the family had been thieves and rustlers, not murderers.

The boys crept up to the bed, knife raised.  The traveler was asleep and one of them plunged the blade into the man's chest.

The man woke, screaming in agony.  Obviously, the boys didn't strike a fatal blow.

The poor guy was up out of bed wrestling with the boys.  They jumped him and one got hold of the knife protruding from the traveler's chest and pushed it deeper.

Then the other brother pulled out another knife and stabbed the man repeatedly until he finally died.

When the brothers were sure the man was dead, they went through his belongings and took his wallet, gold watch, and his boots.

The old man and his sons, dragged the body out into the rain and buried it in a stand of trees. The family celebrated their so called good fortune, but it was not to last.

When the traveler didn't show up in Pueblo, a posse was sent out and found that the man disappeared between 20 Mile House and Russellville.

Immediately, everyone thought of Coyote Gulch.  The posse raced to the McIntyre House, burst in and found blood stains on the bed, floor and windows.

That was all the proof needed.  Three nooses were attached to a strong tree that day.

Unfortunately, only one brother, Jim would be hanged. He told the posse he was the only one involved in the murder. 

His father was freed, his brother Jack, ran away as soon as he saw the posse approach the house.

The remaining McIntyres left Colorado never to be heard from again. 

Coyote Gulch became a cursed place and the spirit of the poor traveler still remains at the McIntyre House.

On summer nights when the thunderstorms are rumbling through, you can still hear him screaming for his life.

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