Gold Mine Ghost

The story of the Gold Mine Ghost in Cripple Creek tells of a specter in the old Mamie R. gold mine.

The men who worked the Mamie R from the mid 1870's to 1890's have encountered voices and images down in the mine.

Many men have died working this dangerous gold mine so it is only natural that their ghosts would still be found there.

Gold miners of the time were veterans of other mining operations world wide.

They knew something evil was living in the Mamie R.  They told of creatures living below the earth sending men to their graves.

Still the men kept working the mine, ignoring the sounds they were hearing and feelings they were getting.

Then the accidents started happening.  A group of five men were digging gold out of a tunnel in the Mamie R. when one said he heard a little boy's voice further down the way.

No one heard anything and they told their fellow to get back to work.  He decided to take a look for the "boy".  The tunnel wasn't safe, but the man continued on.

Suddenly, his coworkers heard the man's horrible scream and they all raced to the mine entrance, just as the tunnel behind them collapsed.

When a rescue party was put together to find the missing miner, his body was found, badly broken.

What scared the men who found him was the look of terror on his face.  Something so horrible that he had seen left an impression even in his death.

It wasn't long before the miners who had been ignoring the voices and sights in the Mamie R. abandoned it.  They knew something very bad was down in the tunnels.

However, there were a few men who stayed behind to continue to work the mine.

Some thought they saw dark figures floating in the tunnels.  Others said they heard distinctive voices but didn't know what language they were speaking.

The miners had a name for these creatures, "Tommyknockers", and they kept right on working in spite of the Gold Mine Ghost.

The men working the "bucket system" to haul the miners up out of the Mamie R. used a bell that would ring at the top of the shaft to pull the miners up in the bucket.

Many times the bell would ring, they would pull up the bucket, and no one would be there.  This happened all the time.  The miners became use to it.

The Tommyknockers stopped being amused by this game and turned to something more deadly.

The second accident in the Mamie R. happened in 1894.  One of the miners was standing under the bucket, when the heavy duty cable holding it broke and fell from the top of the shaft, crushing his skull.

After that, the strange things going on in the mine increased.

The two dead miners were seen clearly in the tunnels and, once, was hoisted up to the surface in the bucket.

More and more, the men were becoming understandably nervous of the Gold Mine Ghost.

The third accident in the Mamie R. was the last straw and the gold miners abandoned it, never to come back.

In 1894, on Christmas Eve, the mine flooded and men were using the bucket system to haul water out of the tunnels.

Under all the stress of the buckets of water, the whole system collapsed and the men on the surface were tangled in rope and logs.

One man received the backlash of a sturdy line of hemp rope, wrapping around his shoulders and neck and decapitating him.

The rope, buckets, logs and the man's head fell to the floor of the shaft.

Fact or fiction?  Who knows?  Was the mine on an Indian Burial ground?  Were there really gremlins under the earth?

The area where the Mamie R. once was is a mystery.  You can still hear voices and see ghostly shapes.

If anybody wanted to reopen the mine, and no body has, it would be best to leave these ghosts and whatnots buried deep below the earth.

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