Colorado Legends:
The People Who Put Colorado On The Map

When you think of Colorado legends, does anyone in particular come to mind?  Probably not. 

Although many of the people who made their mark in Colorado are the ones who are familiar to most of us from the Wild West.

Some are the gunfighters and gamblers from western history.  Doc Holliday and Bat Masterson, friends from the old west, made frequent visits to Colorado.

Others are simple people who made a difference and helped form the state of Colorado.

Kit Carson and Buffalo Bill Cody lived here for many years.  There are some who became famous during the gold rush period. 

Horace Tabor was a man who helped put Leadville on the map.  He became very rich and powerful.

Legendary ladies included Tabor's wife, Baby Doe Tabor, as well as Molly Brown, who became famous during the worst maritime disaster in history.  These lady's stories can be found in the section Colorado Pioneer Women.

Nikola Tesla, the world famous scientist, had a lab in Colorado Springs.  Many inventions developed here we are using today.

Although many of these people didn't realize they were making history, their stories are in the state's historical societies, archives and even in the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.

I have chosen a few of the most colorful and notorious legends for my research, most coming from the Colorado Historical Society and have found some startling information that makes for a good yarn.

Fact or myth?  Enjoy!

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