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This Advertising Disclosure page is to make you, my visitors, aware that the new U.S. FTC Regulations require me to inform you I am an affiliate of several advertisers you will find on my website.

What does this mean for you?  It lets you know that I, as an affiliate, comply with the new rules and that you are aware that I receive a commission from advertisers on my website when you buy a product from them through my links.  

Many of the links on my web pages go to websites that are my top recommended advertisers, who pay me a commission when you buy their products.  Other links are provided to you for information only.  

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Adding this disclosure will help you understand that advertisers keep this website up and running, giving you, my visitor, all the information you need to know about old west Colorado.

All the content provided here is compiled, edited and created by my husband and myself.  Nothing is commercially added except the advertising.

We hope this information helps you understand why we have merchant links on our site.  Thank you for your continuing support of

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