Yampa River Park

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When you first see the Yampa River Park, you are lulled by the quiet winding water leading you to an adventure around every turn.  It is included in the Elkhorn State Park area as shown in the above Google map east of Craig, Colorado, the blue marker.

The Yampa gets its water from the Park Range and Flat Tops of northwestern Colorado.  The river has two dams and flows about 150 miles.

It is the longest free flowing river in the western U.S. and one of the most biologically interesting rivers in the state.

Cottonwoods growing along the river are nesting places for the great blue heron and bald eagles.  Sandhill cranes use the river for laying their eggs and raising their babies.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife have been trying to establish the Colorado River trout into the Yampa, along with pikeminnow, chub and sucker.

The geology of the area shows the erosion of millions of years revealing the history of the area during the period.

Travel downstream, and you will find the river has carved out the canyons of the Dinosaur National Monument, where millions of years of fossils have been found.

This western Colorado park was established in 1998 as a bird and fish habitat.  It encompasses 2,344 acres and has an elevation of between 5600-6300 feet.

There are over 12 miles of hiking trails, camp sites, a visitor center, toilets and water usage.  Pets must be on a leash.

To get to the park, take U.S. 40 out of Craig, Colorado approximately 14 miles until you come to the park's visitor center.  You will need a Colorado State Parks pass to enter this or any of the parks in the state.

This is a truly great wilderness area when you can find many species of birds, fish and wildlife.  A fun place to come and explore.  Just remember to leave no trace you were there.

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