Steamboat Lake Park

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Steamboat Lake Park is located in northwestern Colorado near Hahn's Peak, as shown as the purple balloon marker on the map. 

The lake is man made and kept at a constant level to ensure the birds and fish that inhabit it are protected. 

If you look on the Google map above, you will see the park located to the north of Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

As the name suggests, the park is located outside of Steamboat Springs, a great ski town for winter visitors.

Steamboat Park has two distinctive areas, dry and moist.  The dry area along the slopes of the mountain is ideal for the growth of sagebrush, aspen and lodge pole pines.

In the summer, wildflowers are abundant with eye popping colors that cover most of the arid ridges in the park.

The lowest point in the park valley is the lake.  Swampy areas grow cattails, willows and bulrushes.  Frogs sing all night long in this watery haven.

Many different species of birds and fish can be found in the marshy, lake area.  Sandhill Cranes, Great Blue Heron, osprey, woodpeckers, bluebirds and screech owl live here comfortably.

Steamboat Lake is also near Routt National Forest, which attracts wildlife to the park.  You can find elk, mule deer, bear, beaver and once in awhile, a moose meandering over the valley.

The park was established in 1967 and consists of around 3,700 acres.  Elevation here is 8,000 feet.  There are miles of hiking trails, a visitor's center, campsites, toilets and water.

Pets must be on a leash.  A Colorado State Park Pass will get you into the park.  To get there, take U.S. 40 out of Steamboat Springs to CR129, turn right and go for about 25 miles to the park entrance.

This park is a great place to camp.  You can fall asleep to the frogs conversing in the lake and the owls hooting in the pines. 

You can imagine yourself back in the pioneer days, making your camp for the night after a long day of following the trail west into the territory of Colorado.

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