Haunted Colorado:
Ghostly Places and Spaces

Haunted Colorado, legends and folklore of unexplained encounters are embedded in the history of the Centennial State.  Some of the most famous are featured here.

Cripple Creek, for example, was a great gold rush town. Now there is a different kind of gold there, gambling, but some of the historic structures are still there housing visitors from the other world.

The Gold Mine Ghost is a great legend of the haunting of one of the famous mines of the time.

Emma Crawford was a tragic figure in the town of Manitou Springs.

Colorado history is filled with ghost towns and ghosts.  Hauntings are fairly common place in the old west, especially in very old buildings that still exist.

Not only buildings, but the woods and trails have shown definite sightings of specters.  The Colorado Forest Spirit, for example, as well as the Sand Creek Ghosts.

No one knows why these spirits stay in these places, but I can assure you, they do exist.

I have had my own experience with these other world visitors which you can read about in the section the Old Courthouse Jail.

Many of the people who have lived and died in these towns, choose not to leave. 

An example of this is a historic hotel that is still in business and visitors walking past or staying there have seen the ghostly form of a lady in period dress looking out a window or walking down the hall and suddenly disappearing.

Another is an old jail which was converted to a business and a presence can be felt in different areas of the establishment.

There is an old train depot, restored by historic preservation.  During tours, an old gentleman can be seen sitting, waiting for a train.  Look again and he's gone.

At the site of one of the mining ghost towns, homeowners that live around the area have said they have seen an old miner and his donkey, fully outfitted for prospecting, trudging along a trail.

There is the story of the old McIntyre House where a wayward traveler was brutally murdered.

Then there's the tragic story of Essie Mentzer, the Railroad Ghost of Telluride.

Just a note, the Travel Channel aired a program a few years ago about haunted Colorado.  They covered only a few of the historic towns that had paranormal encounters. 

We'll go a bit further.  So let's look at some of the more "spooktacular" ghost stories and historic buildings here in Colorado.

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