Green Mountain Falls

photo courtesy of the Ute Pass Historical Society.

Green Mountain Falls, just like Chipita Park, was touted as a real estate developers dream.

In the 1880's, hundreds of people flocked to the area.  Many were in search of better health, others for a place in the mountains in which to get away from the city bustle.

P.T. Barnum, the great showman, owned a home here. He couldn't believe the healing powers of the mountains.

In 1887, J.W. Foster, an English real estate magnet from Colorado Springs, bought the title to the valley owned by George Howard, and named it Green Mountain.  The Falls was added later.

He had visions of developing the area as a summer resort and town. And so the town started to grow. 

Many men were employed in the building of a man made lake, hotel, restaurant, schools, a church and a railroad depot.

In one day, a thousand lots were sold in the town and cabins started popping up in the woods.

Hiking, picnicking and boating were the entertainment of the community.

The beautiful water falls that graced the rocky terrain were perfect backdrops for a stroll or to sit and read a good book.

When the automobile came into existence, motor camps and lodges replaced the hotels and cabins as places to stay.

Today, the town is a quaint look into its history.  Many bed and breakfasts and restaurants surround the lake, which is the central focal point.

Many generations of townspeople still live in their family homes and stories of the early days bring back the feel of the old west settlement.

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