Glenwood Springs Colorado

Glenwood Springs Colorado in the early days.  That is what the above postcard shows as the new town sits by the banks of the Colorado River.

As you move east from Grand Junction, you would have come to the small village of Defiance.  This also was an early gold and silver mining camp.

An added plus for the town was the hot mineral springs, which held healing powers for the ill and relaxation for the hard working settlers and miners of the time.

In August, 1882, Defiance was renamed Glenwood Springs because of the healing waters.  This was the only town on the western slope to have this feature.

Railroads were making the trek from the eastern part of the state on to the west.  Narrow gauge tracks were laid going through the mountains.

In 1887, the Rio Grande Railroad reached Glenwood Springs from Aspen.  Then a few years later, put in a standard gauge line and joined with the Colorado Midland Railroad to run a line to Grand Junction.

Glenwood Springs became a popular tourist attraction of its time.  Hotels, swimming pools, mineral pools and bath houses were erected and became the first spa of Colorado.

In 1860, a European, Captain Richard Sopris was the first person to relax in the healing waters of the springs.

Glenwood was so popular that it attracted the rich and famous.  Only some of the famous were wanted by the law.

The gunfighter, Doc Holliday, would frequently visit Glenwood Springs for his health, with his friend Wyatt Earp, and over the years, he adopted the town.  He is buried here in the Linwood Pioneer Cemetery.

Theodore Roosevelt stayed at the luxurious Hotel Colorado to enjoy the mountains and springs.  A fun fact:  Roosevelt's maids presented him with a stuffed bear to commemorate his visit to the mountains of Colorado.  Roosevelt's daughter named it a Teddy Bear, and the name became history.

Whether you come for the history, the hot springs or a tour of the western slope, Glenwood Springs will not disappoint you.

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