Eleven Mile Park

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Eleven Mile Park, as shown by the yellow marker on the map, is located in eastern Park County and is home to some of the best fishing in the state.

Every summer fishing contests pit professionals against weekend fisherman for the bragging rights of catching the largest bass.

Eleven Mile is a man made reservoir in the South Park area of Park County. 

Wetlands around the "lake" house the rare blue-eyed grass.  It is a protected species within the boundaries of the park.

As you travel into the park's higher areas, mountain grassland appears showing off the natural prairie grasses of the state.

In summer, wildflowers are abundant with the colors of orange, yellow, blue and white in their dazzling brilliance.

Forests provide cooling and shade for the many hikers and are home to many wildlife species.  Rabbits, coyotes, elk, bear and antelope are seen here.

Eleven Mile is a sanctuary for endangered birds, such as the white pelican and bald eagle.  The abundance of trout, pike, salmon and bass attract fishermen from all over the state.

As with the other parks, you will need a Colorado Parks Pass.  Eleven Mile has a visitor's center where you can purchase them.

The park was established in 1960 and is made up of 7,400 acres.  Elevation is around 8600 feet.  There is camping available and 5 miles of hiking trails.  Pets much be on a leash.  Toilets and water are provided.

Getting to the park is a leisurely drive through million year old rock formations and the views of the 14,000 foot mountain peaks on the other side of the Continental Divide are visible.

Head out of Colorado Springs west on Hwy. 24 for about 40 miles.  You will come to the town of Lake George, turn left at CO90 for 6 miles and then left on CO92 to the park.

This area is our neck of the woods, no pun intended, and you will have a great time here exploring the regions of the park.

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