Eldorado State Park

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Eldorado State Park, shown as the aqua marker on the map, is a geologists playground.  A million years of rock formations, erosion and beautiful scenery are eye popping.  The town of Boulder, Colorado can be seen from the hiking trails.

In the canyon, the South Boulder Creek winds through the mile long state park.  The river formed many of the rock formations along Colorado's front range.

Red Rocks amphitheater, west of Denver, Garden of the Gods, in Colorado Springs, the Flatirons of Boulder, all are known to geologists as the Fountain Formation, created around 300 million years ago.

One of the best of the Colorado State Parks, visiting here can send your imagination into overdrive.  Can you see yourself as a new settler to the area and coming across this magnificent work of nature?

Here at Eldorado you will find and wide variety of flora and fauna.  Prairie grass mixes with forests, wildflowers cling to the rocks and wildlife is abundant.

Mountain lions, elk, bear, mule deer, coyotes can be seen here.  The bird population is represented as well.  Falcons, eagles and hawks all glide through the clear mountain air.

As you walk along South Boulder Creek, notice the creek changes from slow and meandering to roaring rapids and back again.

To get to the park, take CO93 south out of Boulder for about 5 miles and turn right on CO170.  Follow the signs to the visitor's center.

A State Parks Pass is required to enter.  You can purchase the pass at the visitor's center.  The center has loads of information on the park and other Colorado State Parks to enhance your Colorado experience.

The park was established in 1978 and encompasses around 1,400 acres.  The elevation ranges from 5800-7200 feet.

There are no facilities for camping, but the park has 20 miles of hiking trails.  Pets must be on a leash on the trails.

Eldorado may be a small state park, but it contains a lot of history and some of the most breath taking scenery outside of a wilderness area.

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