Divide Colorado

photo of a farm in Divide Colorado, courtesy of the Ute Pass Historical Society.

As a small town, Divide had its share of big business.  The main revenue for the town was freighting, lumber and cattle.

The entire business district looked like a town out of the old west movies, with wooden walkways in front of the establishments.

Coming up Ute Pass from the plains, herds of cattle were driven through the main street of the town on their way to "greener pastures" in South Park.

As the Colorado Midland Railroad was laying tracks to Divide, the townspeople built hotels and boarding houses for the workers.

With the discovery of gold at Cripple Creek, Divide became a growing town, as did its economy.

Saloons, grocery stores, a post office and lumber mill were soon standing.

However, in 1898, a rampaging fire raced through the business district destroying the downtown area.

The people of the town didn't give up on it though, because a year later it was rebuilt and looked the same as before the fire.

A school and church were added to the town in 1899.  Divide now had everything the residents and travelers could want.

Soon a new economic factor helped put Divide on the map, farming.

The town became known for its potatoes and lettuce.  The cool nights, warm sunny days and rolling hills were the perfect combination to grown these vegetables.

Today, the small town is as quiet as it was in the early days.  The locals call Divide "the center of the known universe."

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