Colorado Rock Formations

The largest of the Colorado rock formations can be seen at Garden of the Gods Park in Colorado Springs.

Thousands of years of erosion have formed these sandstone rocks into unique shapes, some obvious, some not.

Anywhere you travel in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, you will see large rocks, boulders and outcroppings.

If you use your imagination, you can see just about anything if you look hard enough.  Sort of like lying on your back in the yard and looking up at the clouds.  What do you see?

Within a mile of our home, my husband and I have seen many unique rock formations.

Photos of some of the more obvious are shown below.  A couple, ones my husband found, I didn't realize until he pointed them out.

I've named this one "Alien Rock".  It has the distinct look of what an alien's face might look like.  Yes or No?

This guy is "Frog Rock".  You can see this rock formation off of the county road.  When we give directions to our home, we say, "After you pass frog rock, go 2 miles and ..."

"Gator Rock" wasn't obvious to me until a few months ago.  What a surprise when I stopped the car, wondering if it was real or not.

"Ghost Rock" is one rock formation my husband found.  I drive past it every day and didn't see it.

My husband calls this "Gumdrop Rock".  The jury's out on that one.  Sort of looks like a Christmas tree.

"Kissing Rock" could be anything.  Personally, I think it's kissing squirrels.

"Monk Rock" is another one of my husband's.  Yep, it does look like a monk with his hood up.

"Rabbit Rock" is at the end of a dirt road, leading to another dirt road.  I found it years ago, cos it was right in front of me!

Along with rock formations, you can see gems and minerals in the rocks. The dark stones are smokey quartz and the gold flakes are fools gold.

Can you imagine what the early gold prospectors found in addition to gold?

Whether you live in Colorado or just visiting, take a look at the rocks and boulders around you.  The rock formations have something for everyone to see.

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