Colorado Postcards

These Colorado postcards are colored lithographs which paved the way for the present day picture postcards.

My grandmother had a lot of these type of antique postcards that she would bring home from her travels.

Some of the places in these postcards, I hadn't heard of.  Now they are on my list to visit when vacation time rolls around.

For each card, I have put a description at the bottom of each one, because some of the names were blurred due to compressing the postcards to cut down on load time.

Notice the vibrant colors and detail of these early lithographs. Pretty cool.

Boulder Park was located outside of Denver in the early 1900's.  Notice the Rocky Mountain peaks in the background.

The tiny ribbon to the left is the Colorado River in the western part of the state. The train tracks are heading further west.

The Colorado River flowing south. It will find its way to the Grand Canyon.

East Moffat Tunnel in the western part of the state.

Glenwood Springs in the northwest part of Colorado. At the time of this lithograph, the town hasn't grown much as it has today.

Colorado River slicing through Gore Canyon in western Colorado.

Shoshone Canyon along the Colorado River. Notice the colors and detail.

Western side of Moffat Tunnel with old steam locomotive.

These lithograph postcards are really interesting.  It takes you back in time and brings fond memories to me of antique postcards my grandma used to show me.

Hope you enjoy them.  I've got more on the way.

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