Colorado Outdoors:
A Unique and Exciting Adventure

Colorado outdoors is your guide to places of interest when you visit here.  There is so much to see and do.  Historic tours, natural wonders, parks and public lands, monuments, etc.

The Colorado State Map will show you a large overview of roadways and connections you may want to use for your Colorado adventure.

Foothill towns such as Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Black Hawk, Denver, Manitou Springs, Woodland Park, Canon City and others came about because of the gold rush of the 1850's.

Discoveries of artifacts and strange formations of rocks and canyons added to the mystery of the Colorado mountains.

Places of interest like Garden of the Gods Park, in Colorado Springs were seen for the first time. Here, and elsewhere in the state, you will see interesting Colorado rock formations.  Let your imagination run wild!

Royal Gorge to the south was discovered while miners searched for gold near the town of Buckskin Joe.

Rocky Mountain National Park, in the foothills west of Denver, became a tourist's dream spot.

If you're a skier, Colorado skiing has the information you need for a great ski experience.

White water rafting on the Colorado River is a must for the best in hourly trips or weekly camping excursions.

If beautiful blooms are your interest, Colorado wildflowers will show you an abundance of color during the summer months.

You can't be outdoors without seeing our abundant Colorado wildlife.  Hiking or camping, there are lots of wild critters to view.  Keep in mind they are wild animals and are best watched from a distance.

Before you set out on your outdoor experience, keep in mind you are way above sea level here in the Rockies.  Altitude sickness affects many of our visitors.  So be safe.

Also, I can't stress enough the damage Colorado wildfires cause.  Please be careful with campfires, cookouts and all other forms of fire uses. 

So let's see what will get your spirit of discovery in gear.  History, places of interest, state parks, national parks, national monuments and events are all here and makes Colorado outdoors truly unique.

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