Colorado Forest Spirit

Many sightings of ghosts are prevalent in the old west, but the Colorado forest spirit brings its own brand of spooky to the wilderness.

The Pike National Forest is a wonderland of trails, wildlife and discovering the unexpected.

It is also a place of sadness and lost souls.  You see, many centuries ago the entire area around Pikes Peak was the home of the Ute Indians.

Here they lived, worked, worshiped and hunted.  I know looking at the area now, it is hard to believe there were no roads, cars, or tourists back then.

Around the Peak and the forest that surrounds it, was the scene of a bloody battle between the Utes and the Arapahoe and Cheyenne tribes.

Many lives were lost in those woods.  So, it is only natural that the spirits are roaming there.

Present day, many visitors to the Pike National Forest are biking, camping and hiking.

And quite a few have a tale to tell about seeing a specter or feeling an unusual cold in certain spots even on a hot summer day.

A particular trail deep in the forest at the base of the Peak is fairly dense and shaded.

Many people have experienced a feeling of extreme cold and having their breath taken away as they walked down into a large patch of heavy trees.

Frightened, they hurried out of the copse and back onto the sunny trail.  Once there, they felt back to normal.

All agreed there was something strange down that trail.

Campers in the area of this trail have reported seeing a large, dark shape of a man looming near their campfires at night.

At first they think it is their imagination, but with so many sightings of this "person", at various campfires along the way, the specter has to be real.

Many say that they hear a rustling in the trees around them.  Others say they feel like they are being watched.

But all who have encountered the spirit say he suddenly appears at their fire and just stands there for a few seconds and then disappears.

Who or what is it in the Pike National Forest?  Those Native Americans who lost their lives on the battleground at the base of Pikes Peak.

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