Colorado Folklore:
Tall Tales or Facts?

Colorado folklore contains some of the most colorful tales you will find anywhere you may travel. Every country and town around the world has their tall tales.  The U.S. is no different, especially in the old west.

A hint of truth is the foundation of all folklore, but how boring it would be to say that "Old so and so killed a bear in 1850."

But add some flash like "Old man whoever was hunting in the forest and a monster of a bear attacked him.  He fought valiantly for his life, bloody and broken. 

Finally, near death, he raised his rifle and fired a shot that snapped a tree behind the animal and it fell on the bear's head killing it instantly.

So and so dragged the bear back to his cabin, skinned it and had bear meat all winter long plus a nice new rug to put in front of the fire."

This story is definitely more interesting.

So let's look at some of the best stories floating around from centuries past.  Many are historic fact, others rumors of heroic deeds, most are just plain interesting.

For example, did you know:

Slavery continued in Colorado after the Civil War?

About the sailboat on wheels?

A doctor operated on himself?

Hitler owned a ranch in Colorado?

The famous Hershey Chocolate Bar was born in Denver

About the Colorado Mass Murder?

All of these stories and more are the backbone of interesting tales of fact and fiction.  I came across them while researching various subjects. 

Once you get into the stories and tall tales of bygone days, you tend to get wrapped up in them and go digging for more.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

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