Colorado Chocolate Connection

Do you know what famous treat had a Colorado chocolate connection?  It was the famous Hershey's Chocolate Bar.

In the 1880's, Milton Hershey, a beginner starting out in his father's candy factory in Pennsylvania, traveled to Denver with his dad, and began work for a local confectioner.

Henry Hershey came out west to try his hand a silver mining, but didn't have any luck.  His riches were in chocolate.

As Milton worked in the Denver candy shop, he realized that the consistency of the chocolate being made was not up to par.

There was something wrong with the mix and the taste.  Sure, it was ok, as far as chocolate candy goes, but it had to be better.

Chocolate had been an expensive candy for centuries and only the rich and well off could afford it.

So Milton considered, what would make a delicious treat like chocolate, keep its texture and flavor and that the working people could afford as well?

He tried many different ingredients to get the right blend he was looking for.  Milton was like a mad scientist mixing and testing his new recipes.  Nothing satisfied him.

One night he was eating dinner and pondering on his next approach.  He played with his food, drank his milk and kept wondering what he was missing.

Staring at the half full glass, he suddenly had an idea.  Fresh milk in the mix was the ticket!  So he whipped up a batch of chocolate using whole fresh milk and the rest is history.

Back in Pennsylvania, the Hershey factory started production on the most famous and delicious candy that all could afford.

During World War II, Milton Hershey volunteered his candy bar to be added to the combat "D-rations" the servicemen carried in their packs.

And the candy the soldiers gave to the children of the towns they liberated...Hershey's Chocolate Bar, of course.

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