Colorado Antique Postcards

In the early 1900's, Colorado antique postcards were called colored lithographs.  They were packaged accordion style and housed in a linen cover.

I remember seeing these types of postcards at my grandmother's house, showing all the places she and grandpa visited.

These postcards where the norm back in the day.  Long before cameras were invented, people would visit places of interest and come away with these souvenirs to show their friends back home.

My friend Jack found this batch of antique postcards for use on this site.  Thank you Jack.

When you view them, notice the color and detail of the postcards.  This was truly an amazing piece of technology for the beginning of the twentieth century.

The Colorado postcards are from different areas of the state, western slope, central Rockies and southwestern. 

This includes the Colorado River, its canyons, Glenwood Springs, and an old time locomotive.

The Pikes Peak postcards are really interesting.  They show the old steam cog train, the weather station that was at the summit back in the late 1800's and much more.

It wasn't long til the camera was invented and travelers could take their own snapshots of places they visited.

Now these great antiques are only found at flea markets and garage sales.

FYI: The postcards have been compressed because of load time, but they still have all the detail in the lithographs for you to enjoy.

Due to compression, I have added descriptions under each card so you can see where they were taken.

Hope you have as much fun looking at them as I did.

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