Colorado National Monuments

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Colorado National Monuments are very unique.  Each has their own history to the creation of these impressive areas.  There were many early explorers and settlers who admired the beauty of the monuments and rallied to protect the natural wilderness.

Most of the monuments are found in the western part of the state where major upheaval of the continental plates occurred millions of years ago.

At this time, the territory was tropical and water covered land.  Dinosaur National Monument, at the orange marker, is located in northwest Colorado is a testament to the species that roamed the tropical forests of the state.

The Hovenweep National Monument and the Canyon of the Ancients is located in the southwest corner of the state, indicated in yellow and purple. 

It was established to preserve and protect the villages of ancient Native Americans in Utah and Colorado.  You notice that Hovenweep is at the Utah, Colorado state line.

The Colorado Monument, stands in the central/western part of Colorado, as indicated by the aqua marker. You are transported into another world.  Here you will see massive rock formations in landscape that looks like an alien planet.

There is much to see in the state of Colorado.  Visiting these national monuments will take you back to the beginning of life on earth. 

Hard to believe from the creation of these natural sculptures that the state was once a tropical paradise.

The past is preserved as it was millions of years ago in these haunting and wild areas of western Colorado.  A visit here is will worth it.

A lot of driving is required to get to the monuments, as they are scattered along the western border of the state.  Plan a central destination as your base of operation and explore each at your leisure.

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