Caroline Churchill Fights
for Women's Rights in Colorado

Caroline Churchill photo courtesy of Time Life Books

One of the first ladies of women’s equal rights in the west, Churchill used her newspaper, the Colorado Antelope to support women.

An ex-teacher, she used political reporting, poetry and outright anger to keep women appraised of their rights and encouraged them to get involved.

Caroline started her newspaper in 1879, without a cent and but with tenacity. 

The plucky woman wrote from the heart believing in women’s rights and the abuse of men to the “fairer sex.”

Churchill's Colorado newspapers courtesy of Time Life Books

She met with opposition by the dominant male population of Colorado.  Many thought her feminism to be brought on by “mid life changes.”

Others laughed at her exploits and avowed that she would drop this nonsense when she got it out of her system.

In 1882, the she changed the name of her Denver newspaper to the “Queen Bee” and started weekly publications.

She relentlessly pushed for education for young ladies and pensions for mothers with children.  Due to Caroline’s efforts, women obtained equality in Colorado in 1893, while back east, the idea was scandalous.

No matter what was thought about Churchill’s values, she was a pioneer woman ahead of her time and a great asset to women’s rights.

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