Explore Old West Colorado:
A Colorful Saga of the Wild West

Old west Colorado. A colorful state; rich in everything about the wild west you can imagine. 

Thinking myself as somewhat of a pioneer, moving from back east to the unknown Rocky Mountains (unknown to me that is), a sense of excitement and dread filled my mind. 

Although I had always loved the old west, having grown up in the 1950's and 60's where most of the TV shows were westerns, I couldn't believe I was following in the footsteps of the first settlers to the Colorado territory. 

The interstate we were traveling on used to be a wagon trail leading west.

Continuing on our trek to our "homestead", I daydreamed about wagon trains rolling along, taking months to reach their destination;

of Native Americans migrating to their summer or winter camps;

the prospectors racing to find their fortune in the mountains around Pikes Peak;

and of the outlaws trying just as hard to rob these people of their fortune.

I wondered about explorers, such as Zebulon Pike for whom the famous mountain above is named, and the Spanish, who were entrenched in Mexico and traveled north to search for treasure and more land to claim for their country.

I was awestruck by the vast mountains that, millions of years ago, didn't exist.

I learned that the entire area once had a tropical climate and dinosaurs roamed the very areas that we were going to call home.

With the renewal of interest in American history, especially the wild west, this site, Explore Old West Colorado was born.

Colorado's history is short, encompassing about 200 years as far as chronological events go.  

Some of the exciting facts you will find in these old west Colorado pages include:

Native Americans depended on the abundant buffalo herds for food, clothing and shelter until the white man arrived, butchering them for sport and to feed the ever growing population pouring into the state. The buffalo almost became extinct.

A major gold rush in the state started a frantic flow of people from the east to the rich gold fields and the slogan "Pikes Peak or Bust" was born.

Some of the greatest legends of the wild west came to the state as prospectors, lawmen, gunfighters and gamblers.

Wildlife was abundant and many species of deer, elk, birds, wildflowers, etc. were newly discovered.

All of these things piqued my curiosity and I started my own adventure to know the history of Colorado. 

Doing research, traveling, and taking photos all laid out the beauty and mystery of the Centennial State for me.

Ready to take an exciting journey into the past?  Next time you visit Colorado, you will look at it in a whole new way.